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Strip down my sarge laptop

I only use my laptop for writing using OpenOffice. ( i know there are smaller suites out there, but it is what i use on my home pc.) The only additional functionality I need is the ability to use an USB pen storage device for sneakernet.

I do not print from this laptop.
I do not connect to any network with it.
I do not do any development.
I do not write any scripts.

Since my laptop is an old ti acer extensa 390 with only 64 mbs of ram, i want it as stripped down as much as possible.

What kernel and other things can I get rid of to reduce its ram usage?

I figure I can get rid of any network stuff ( though I do not know how)
at, chron and the whole email system.

What else and how do I get rid of other things that are loading up in RAM as part of the kernel?

I am using KDE should I switch to something else that OpenOffice will work with?

Matt Jaroneski

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