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Re: shutdown problem

Hi Dietmar,

thanks a lot for the hint with the kernel.

I tried kernel 2.6.11-1-686 from debian and everything seems to be fine. Now my notebook shuts down cleanly and everything is off.

Greetings Arne

Dietmar Sieger schrieb:
Arne Lange wrote:

I'm running Debian 3.1 Sarge on a IBM Thinkpad R51. I use kernel

When i shutdown my notebook it goes down, the screen went black, and all
LEDs are off. But the fan still runs and doesn't want to stop. I have
got to press the powerbutton for 3 seconds to stop it.

I have an similar problem on some Laptops. Solution, for me, was to compile
my own kernels while changing ACPI or APM parameters. Trying some others
kernels from the debian site will, maybe, solve the problem as well.

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