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Re: Debian Laptop problem and guide repository.

That is exactly what I am shooting for and want to see. I have been
working on changes to the installer and I just started working on a custom
cd iso that will use new versions of discover, hotplug, newer kernel
modules, and more laptop related modules/drivers. I feel there is a large
enough following for Debian on laptops to warent this.

But please when done get the configs to me. I am hoping to have the first
version of the site up by sept 15, 2005.


> On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 03:50:08PM -0400, Philip Schwartz wrote:
>> THIS SITE WILL BE DEBIAN ONLY! (I think it is about time someone made
>> a dedicated Debian laptop site).
> Hear hear!
> I've stuck together a guide for the Compaq Evo n1015v[1], but it's pretty
> out of date. I'm currently configuring a thinkpad x40 too. I'll be sure
> to fire my stuff your way.
> I think there is interest in getting better laptop support into Etch,
> e.g. a laptop task during installation. If this site could help get
> people who are willing to work on this, or test things, make suggestions
> etc. maybe that would be a good idea.
> [1] http://jon.dowland.name/unix/linux/evo_n1015v/
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> Jon Dowland
> http://jon.dowland.name/
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