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Re: A lot of noise in my sound card...

Also sprach "Jansen Carlo Sena" <jansen@comunidadesol.org> (Wed, 31 Aug
2005 15:27:30 -0400 (AMT)):
> Hi friends!

hi again,

> [...]
> Well, unfortunnely, my problem is not solved. But I found something
> strange now. After those changes, in the text mode my sound carding is
> working fine. But when I log in Gnome, open a terminal and play same mp3
> file using mpg123 the noise come back again. :-(

How do you play? mpg123 -o alsa09 <file>? What does it sound like?
Send in a "lspci -vv" - Maybe there's a problem with your interrupt

> Regards,
> Jansen

sl ritch

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