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Re: keeping a module from loading - sarge install

On centrino laptops, blacklisting the modules will not do it. The problem
is a conflict between the usb and i810 sound modules in the kernel on the
install cd. This cause discover and hotplug both to seg fault. The only
way to correct this is to stop discover and hotplug from loading durring
init, either by removing them from rcS.d or uninstalling them. Once these
are remove the system will reboot, and you can install discover version
2.x (install comes with 1.7.7, doesn't like the laptop modules) and


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> Nate Duehr wrote:
>> I'm loading Debian on a laptop machine here and both the 2.4 kernel and
>> the 2.6 kernel included with sarge keep segfaulting on loading
>> i810_audio, which apparently autodetection seems to think this laptop
>> uses.  (It doesn't.)
>> I can't seem to remember the magical incantation to tell the kernel to
>> ignore/skip loading that module altogether.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Nate
> If using hotplug, blacklist the module
> rrs
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