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ElitePC apparently needs ACPI

I have an ElitePC A320 which I ran SourceMage on for several years until the hard drive crashed. I had to fiddle around with the kernel before it would run stably. I am trying to get SourceMage and Debian both up on it. Playing around with stable and testing SM disks, I found that I had to load some ACPI modules, which are available only on testing, for it to run stably, but a bug in grub on the testing disk kept me from getting a bootable installation. I tried to install from a sarge CD, which a Debianese friend gave me, but it would do nothing when asked to load drivers, segfault while installing the base system, claim that /dev/hda1 is "very strange" and could not be resized, etc. (The CD didn't boot, so I dded the images to floppies.) Is there a recent CD with ACPI available that hopefully I'd have better luck with?


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