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Re: Kernel decision

Am Montag, 22. August 2005 11:10 schrieb Koen Vermeer:
> Enlighten me: What does the 2.6.13 kernel and/or the mm patches
> specifically add for laptop users? 

Well, partly that is what I want to find out. Some of the reasons:

1. Suspend2 on AMD64 works only with the latest release, which is obviously 
for 2.6.13 kernels. 

2. As I said, latest kernel because some of the latest ACPI patches might fix 
my "Suspend to RAM" problems. And other ACPI problems I am having.

MM patchset because this is a laptop and not a server, and I have read, that 
the mm kernel is geared towards the multimedia/desktop world, isn't it?

So if everything is running fine with your kernel, I cannot tell you any 
promising things to try out, sorry.

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