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Re: Kernel and modules configuration optimized for IBM ThinkPad R50e

"Gorjanc Gregor" <Gregor.Gorjanc@bfro.uni-lj.si> writes:

> I just bought IBM ThinkPad R50e and I successfully installed Debian
> testing on it. Works nice. Is there anyone who is willing to share
> kernel (2.6) and any modules configuration optimized for this brand?
> I really get lost in 'make menuconfig', it is just to technical for
> my hardware/computer knowledge.

My advice to you would be to stick with the Debian default kernel:

The only significant feature that isn't supported by it[1] is the IBM
ACPI extras, which you can live without, and it does come with
everything compiled as modules nicely.

Once you *know* why you need a custom kernel, build one.  Change for the
sake of change is seldom /forward/ progress. ;)


[1]  ...and that is in the mainline kernel.

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