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Re: Kernel and modules configuration optimized for IBM ThinkPad R50e

* Arjen Verweij <a.verweij@student.tudelft.nl> [2005 Aug 20 05:47 -0500]:
> Just go with kernel-image-2.6-686, and install libc6-i686. You really
> don't need much more "optimization", most of the time hotplug will save you.

Really, if one is using the 2.6 kernel series, Hotplug is a must-have. 
I fought with the 2.6 kernels until I gave into using Hotplug and life
is so much easier now.  I am running Debian Testing and Sid (in
different partitions, of course) on my T23 with no support issues.  I
have also run KNOPPIX 3.9 on a T42 I have handy with no apparent
support issues.

I just started playing with udev and usbmount this week and everything
really works very nicely with a minimal amount of under-the-hood

I am using the stock Debian kernels now and have largely given up on
trying to build a better kernel.  That said, I have an Atheros based
wireless card and I do need to compile the Madwifi sources against the
kernel source (using the Debian config file) and all works well.  I do
the same with the ltmodem package for the Agere modem in the T23.

If you can try it, kernel 2.6.11 now includes the IBM ACPI support
package which gives added functionality for various controls on a
Thinkpad.  I give the kernel apm=off acpi=on at boot time to enable
ACPI and I have acpid installed.  Everthing seems to work very well. 
At least now, if I'm in a hurry, I can just press the power button for
a few seconds and the system will perform an orderly shutdown.


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