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Re: Debian Sarge on Acer laptop

yup, me two. the problem in the acer laptops its the audio. and the best option to test its the knoppix. i stole the module of audio from knoppix and put it in my SID. and works very nice XD

On 8/18/05, Ram Kumar DANGETI <ramkumar.dangeti@gmail.com > wrote:
        Just a small correction of my previous posting.....if you are not able to boot into your laptop after fresh installation of Sarge, the problem could be from the hotplug which is trying to load a non existing module.
        So instead of uninstalling hotplug to avoid this problem, please try to find which module is causing this problem and add it in /etc/hotplug/blacklist file and you should be able to boot. In my case the problem was because if i810_audio and I blacklisted it and everything went fine. (Btw you could use knoppix to boot into your laptop).

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