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Re: ATI Radeon 9600 (RV350) on Toshiba M30X-159

Hi Stefano,

> Tobias your configuration was illuminating. I was able to compile and
> install the module. One more question: Flavio suggests to disable
> framebuffer while you have it enabled is it correct? I wuold like to
> have enable boot splash enabled into my kernel but it requires the
> framebuffer.

Flavio says radeonfb definitely causes problems. But I did not
experience problems up to now. Try the config on my homepage for the fb.
It sould work out. I used spalshy for boot splash. But it causes
problems, the colors are inverted from the point on fglrx module is
loaded. I did not try bootsplash. Maybe you'll give it a try.

Greetings, Tobias

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