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Re: keyboard problem

ggyao 2005 <ggyao2005@yahoo.com> writes:

> when I installed the debian, I had an option to install a predefined list of softwares.
> Later I can also recall this option by "tasksel". when the selection screen show up, I
> can move my cursor to each item. BUT after I pressed "Enter", there is no any
> installation prcess happening, and I simply come back to the original screen before
> typing "tasksel".
> I noticed that if the choice is captured by the system, there should be a "*" sign for
> that item. but I could never made it.
> Can anyone tell me how to make the choice via the keyboard? Mine is compaq presario
> 2190US laptop.

Space bar, I believe, toggles the selection state.
Return should commit the action.

Not very intuitive, but there you go.

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