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Re: Inoltra: hot pc with low usage

Also sprach roberto <robcatanuto@yahoo.it> (Fri, 12 Aug 2005 13:42:30
+0200 (CEST)):
> Hi all, i use a laptop with sarge 3.1 and kernel 2.6.8, but even if i
> do not use any  application, just the system running by itself, then
> after 15 minutes, more or less, the fan starts to run very fast and
> the pc grows very hot.

you should consider using some speed-throttling SW like cpudyn /
powernowd. They temporary throttle down the cpuspeed. See earlier
postings on this list.   

> 1. how to check the temp of the processor?

If you have a acpi-enabled laptop you'll find this information in
$ apt-cache search cpu dyn

In this case "$ acpi -V" will also give you that information. 

If no acpi is available lm-sensors may give you this functionality.
$ apt-cache show sensord

In 2.6 kernels those lm-sensors modules are already compiled in. You
still have to compile/install them for 2.4 kernels.

> 2. how to understand what's going no?

some powermanagement functions seem to not be enabled on your lappi.

even the cpu goes into a kind of sleep-loop if nothing is do be done,
there are much more efficient ways: throtteling down the FSB. Have a
look at the above mentioned tools.

Sometimes putting more RAM/other peripherie into the laptop disturbes
the airflow inside or these simple get hotter and so causes overheating.
> thank you
> Roberto

sl ritch

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