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Re: Naming interfaces

On 2005-08-10T22:37-0500 Ryan Nowakowski wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 01:25:52PM +1000, Kai Hendry wrote:
> > For some odd reason my network interfaces have swapped around. I thought
> > the usual remedy was to use nameif but that doesn't seem to work.
> ifrename is now run by hotplug to reorder/rename interfaces.

Do you have an example how it works?

frodo$ sudo ifrename eth2 00:0D:60:2E:A9:F5
Error: Can't open configuration file `/etc/iftab': No such file or

Stuff that used to be in networking has to be now split out to
/etc/iftab !? Nasty!

And OMG. Do I really have to patch networking as detailed:
vim /usr/share/doc/ifrename/HOTPLUG.txt.gz +227


> > I hate it how dhclient slows down my boot when there is no network
> > plugged into my T30. I think there is a package to do that. Any
> > recommendations?
> ifplugd

I wish dhclient could just detect there wasn't a cable in the damn port.

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