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Re: [irishjd@yahoo.com: OSS device "/dev/dsp" is already in use by another program]

[I've CC'd Jon as I'm unsure if he's on the list -- feel free to remove the CC
if he indeed is a subscriber]

On Wed, Aug 10, 2005 at 12:17:07AM +0200, Brice M?alier wrote:
> I just finished compiling a kernel to support the sound card in my
> Dell Optiplex GX270; however, when I try to play audio via Music Player, I
> keep getting a "OSS device "/dev/dsp" is already in use by another program"
> error. I have verified that there are no other programs running at the time,
> so what else would be using the device?

How did you verify that no other programs were using the device? The output of

    $ lsof /dev/dsp
    $ fuser /dev/dsp

would be helpful...

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