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Thin high-pitched noise on Inspiron 510m with the ACPI "processor" module

Hello all!
I wanted to share a bit of my experiment with you : I am running a
Dell Inspiorn 510m laptop under a Debian Sarge (kernel 2.6.8). I
noticed that when I use the ACPI "processor" module, there is a
continuous thin high-pitched noise coming from the laptop, apparently
from the area under the top-left corner of the keyboard. As soon as I
unload the above module ("thermal" depends on it, so I have to unload
this first), the noise is gone.
This is quite strange, and I went through this because this noise is
extremely boring and stressful, particularly when you are using your
laptop in a quiet environment (and one of the reasons for which I have
a laptop is that I love the silence).
Any reaction would be appreciated. If anyone out there knows the
reason for that noise...


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