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Re: 2.6.12 -- Kernel Config Request for IBM t40p

Hello Lukas!

> happy with Linux, happy with Debian -- I am running 2.6.12 on my IBM
> t40p.
That is great.

> There is one thing, however, that I have not been able to solve
> totally: I would like to have Suspend-to-RAM ("standby") and
> Suspend-to-Disk ("hibernate") working in parallel.
> Once, with an older Kernel, Suspend-to-Disk worked -- but not
> Suspend-to-RAM.
> Now, wit 2.6.12, Suspend-to-RAM works -- but not Suspend-to-Disk
> anymore.
On my R51 both works.

> Always when I tried to get to work both, I had a corruption of my
> file-system when restarting from Suspend-to-Disk since there was a
> (I assume) a race condition creating a kernel panic.  Since this
> always cost a huge amount of time to fix it, I try to avoid similar
> problems.  Hence my kind request:
First there are to mailing list especially for thinkpad. And one for

> - Has anyone got Suspend-to-Disk *and* Suspend-to-RAM working on an
>   IBM t40p running with a recend Linux 2.6 Kernel und Debian unstable?
Only on a R51

> - If so, would you mind sending me the appropriate information
>   (scripts, kernel configs, hints)?
I can but i need more informations. With which suspend-to-disk do you
work. Some outputs from suspend to disk. Which graphic card driver?

           Michael Ott, e-mail: michael@zolnott.de, www.zolnott.de           
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