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ACPI suspend resume trouble

Hello, I'm also keen to get suspend/resume working! I am running
Debian gnu/linux on a Fujitsu Lifebook S7010 using ACPI.

The script is

echo -n "mem" > /sys/power/state

In any init level what happens is the screen blanks and gives a whole
bunch of ACPI suspend commands (not sure where to look for them
afterwards), then it immediately wakes up again.

There is a webpage which claims to have this working on the same laptop:


I can't work out what I am doing differently!

Anybody with any experience with this?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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> > I'm having trouble with my suspend/resume. It works ok in windows, but
> > in  linux it doesn;t matter what and where i echo stuff, it won't go.
> > Could  anyone help, please! I really would like this so i can
> > suspend/resume when  travelling.
> >
> Hi, welcome to the forum.
> You can post your Laptops further details, and what you use ACPI or
> APMD, etc. THis might help. Or you can post the script you are using to
> suspend. But before all this, you may check out the following site, and
> you can possibly find information of other people who have linux running
> on their laptops with suspend and resume working.
> Try this
> www.tuxmobil.org
> Bence
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