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Road Trip!

I'm about to take a long road trip with the kids.  Experienced parents
have suggested a dvd player for when the car games no longer suppress
their exuberance.  The DVD media will last about a day in the back
seat with the kids, so I'm thinking about buying an old laptop and
becoming a hardened criminal and ripping a few of our DVDs to disk.

Any idea what would the be minimum requirements for RAM and CPU?
Suggested laptops?  I don't want to end up spending too much more
than an individual portable DVD player so hopefully can find an old
used laptop.

Don't some video drivers support playing the movies without the need
for X Windows?  I think that works with mplayer, but not so sure about
xine, though.

What about LCD screen. Are there some types that work better in
well-lit situations or in sunshine that I should look for?

Do I need a special power adapter for most laptops?  Or will 12v
typically work directly on laptops?

Bill Moseley

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