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Re: Debian on Slow laptops. What setup is best?


First of all: I wasn't paying attention and thought these are your
*startup* scripts (rc2.d)...

Benedek Frank:
> On Wed, 22 Jun 2005 13:47:26 +0200
> Jochen Schulz <jrschulz@well-adjusted.de> wrote:
> > Benedek Frank:
> > > 
> > > K02mountvirtfs  S05bootlogd           S30checkfs.sh   S48console-screen.sh
> > > K36discover     S05initrd-tools.sh    S30procps.sh    S50hwclock.sh
> > > K36mountvirtfs  S05keymap.sh          S35mountall.sh  S55bootmisc.sh
> > > K38pppd-dns     S07hdparm             S36udev-mtab    S55urandom
> >      ^^^^^^^^
> > Do you use ppp on this machine?
> Why did you say PPP? The ifupdown? No I dont use PPP. WHat should I kill from here?

pppd-dns (I actually underlined the entries I was talking about, but you
can only see that if you read your mails with a monospaced font). A look
at /etc/init.d/pppd-dns reveals, that this one won't save you much time,

> > > K39dns-clean    S10checkroot.sh       S39ifupdown     S70nviboot
> >                                                            ^^^^^^^
> > Do you use nvi (an editor)?
> WHat is nvi exactly? I dont think I use it though. 

A simple text editor. It is part of the base system since it is very

> > > K43portmap      S18hwclockfirst.sh    S40hostname.sh
> > > S70xfree86-common
> >      ^^^^^^^ Do you use NFS? Try to get rid of portmap if you can!
> >      It is really annoying and a security risk when exposed to the
> >      internet directly.
> No I dont use NFS at the time. But portmap shows up with a K. DOesnt
> that mean, that it wont start?

I just found out that I do not yet completely understand the SysV
runlevel system. But as I understand 
all scripts in rcS.d/ are started with the parameter 'start'.

If you don't need portmap (apt's dependency resolution will tell you),
you should remove it.

> How can I actually kill something so it wont start?

You can always remove the links from the rc?.d directories.

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