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Re: My LCD screen is not as bright as it is in Knoppix or ms-win

Hi, Jochen Schulz,

I also think about it. Maybe I am wrong. :)

But I also think that firefox, in blank page, is not as white as IE.
hahha, so funny.

I heard from somewhere that may be the "gamma" problem. I am trying to
use "xgamma" to find something out.

On 6/14/05, Jochen Schulz <jrschulz@well-adjusted.de> wrote:
> Kevin Zhao:
> >
> > I am curious where does this difference come from, and where to can I
> > adjust (besides using ACPI) the brightness of screen?
> <objection mode=stupid">
>    Maybe it's just the background image that's brighter?
> </>
> Seriously, I regularly dim my display when I open up Firefox since my
> background is generally dark and websites often have bright backgrounds.
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