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Re: suspend/resume leads to blank screen

On Sunday 12 June 2005 18:25, Joan Tur wrote:
> Es Diumenge, 12 de Juny de 2005 17:50, en Tom Olson va escriure:
> | I've installed Debian on my Panasonic Toughbook 18, and am slowly
> | setting everything up.  I'm running 'testing'.  I've got kernel 2.6.11
> | installed (via the kernel-image package), as well as the acpi, acpid,
> | and hibernate packages.  I edited hibernate.conf so that Software
> | Suspend 2 is turned off, and I'm using this instead:
> |
> | UseSysfsPowerState mem
> | PowerdownMethod shutdown
> I suppose you're trying to suspend to ram (s3).  I've had success after
> having read something in this list.
> Someone said he was successful with suspending to ram if
> "acpi_sleep=s3_bios" was appended to kernel boot... same here  ;)


That might have been me, as I am using the same option and I posted about it a 
few days ago. Yes, it works for some cards, that are unsupported, etc. I also 
have another laptop, that has a Centrino CPU and the infamous Intel 855 Video 
chipset that comes with it. That needs another kind of solution, which is a 
video post tool that wakes video up. You can do the following. Try to suspend 
your machine and then resume. Does your machine comes back alive, except the 
Video. You can check the led activity on your laptop, or even better, after 
resume, try to SSH into the laptop. If you get to it, it is up and running, 
besides video. Then, you need some tool, program to wake your video up. 
However on my Vaio picturebook, it wont work, as the machine will not wake up 
at all. No SSH access, etc. In that case, I do need the above mentioned boot 
parameter. It all depends what hardware you have. You might browse for it on 
google, or try www.tuxmobil.org for reviews.

> Good luck.

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