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Re: how to post--configure the Xserver, (XF86Setup or the alike)

On Tuesday 26 October 2004 14:25, Thomas Amm wrote:
> Uwe Brauer wrote:
> >
> > After having installed Knoppix 3.3 on my Laptop, and upgrading to SID,
> > I   tried to    connect a  cordless    Logitech mouse,   via  the  USB
> > port. However it is not detected my the Xserver.  When I boot from the
> > Knoppix CD again, it is  detected, but of course I  don't want to redo
> > the installation. I  could  try to edit    the X86Config file,   but I
> > remember from my earlie SuSe days, that there  was a GUI (XF86Setup or
> > something  like this) which  allows  me a configuration without editing
> > the XF86Config file.
> Due to the fact, that you don't know anything about lsusb or
> /proc/bus/usb not even about 'man 5x XF86Config-4' I am seriously in
> doubt that you will be happy running SID on a laptop.

While you make some good points, I think Uwe has a point too.  In years of 
trying to get working configs, from about slink, through woody, sarge, sid 
and finally Ubuntu & Xorg, I've rarely got working configurations via hand 
editing the config file without enormous effort.  A good gui tool would be a 
nice thing.

> Sarge is quite actual, and will soon be 'stable' 

I'll believe _that_ when I see it.  It feels like I've been hearing this since 
1997 :-)

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