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Does i8k work for dell inspiron 600M?


I've been using debian/linux for a while now, and never worried about
i8k before.  However it'd be nice if I get both the volume and
mute/unmute special buttons and also corresponding FN-keys to work...

Problem is that although I compiled kernel with I8K support:


I don't see it under /proc/i8k at all.  Has some one made this thing
work for inspiron 600M?

When executing i8kbuttons of course there'll be a problem due to the
lack of the kernel support:

% i8kbuttons 
unable to open i8k proc file: /proc/i8k

I've attached my kernel config file in case there's something missing
to make i8k work...


Javier-Elias Vasquez-Vivas

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