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Re: tosh libretto apm / battery / disk woes

Minty wrote:

> On 5/18/05, Dom <domafp@blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> > Why are you using apm instead of acpi? 
> Mostly because I know apm will work on them....
> I would be grateful for any details on how you set this up.  

Download the latest BIOS from Toshiba's website
http://support.toshiba.com/ select "Downloads", then 'Portables' -
'Libretto' - '110CT' and GO. Then "Downloads" (again) and download the
file "ACPI Flash BIOS version 8.10 for Libretto 100CT/110CT".

Unzip the contents of the 7100v81.exe (self-extrcating ZIP) file onto
a blank formatted (non-bootable) floppy.

Make sure the Libretto is in shutdown, not in standby.

Connect the floppy drive, remove all other cards. Load the floppy.

Power on the Libretto while holding down F12.  It will load and run
the BIOS update program and then reboot.

You may get a CMOS error on the first boot - press F1 to go to
BIOS setup, then End to exit and save config.

Install acpid.

I haven't tried suspend, but my Power button now does a normal
shutdown and I've set the Lid Switch to do the same.

This works fine with the stock 2.6.8-2-386 kernel, although I
have now compiled a kernel specifically for my Librettos
without an initrd, all the drivers for the standard hardware
built-in and modules just for the few removable devices I use.



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