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Re: managing ethernet and wireless interfaces

On Wednesday 18 May 2005 09.46, sime wrote:
> I would like to know how linux laptop users are managing multiple
> interfaces (eth and wifi).


> Additionally if you are using any other packages for managing multiple
> interfaces please let me know!

Basically what I'm doing is this:
- using wpa_supplicant to associate my wireless card with the appropriate 
access point
- using ifplugd to detect when an ethernet cable is connected and when the 
wireless card gets associated (by wpa_supplicant). When any of that 
happens ifplugd will call ifup ethx for the appropriate interface
- both my wireless and ethernet device is set up in /etc/network/interfaces 
iface ethx inet dhcp
(Note: no wireless parameters are necessary because association is handled 
by wpa_supplicant)
This could be improved by adding mappings if dhcp is not suitable.


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