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Re: Awakening from suspend-to-mem

On Thu, 2005-05-12 at 23:01 +0530, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> I don't understand why you people are taking so much of pain automating a
> lot of stuff using scripts.
> I presume most notebook users would be using GUI on it (Probably KDE).
> KDE's klaptopdaemon is excellent in handling all this suspend/resume stuff
> for you. I've been using it for months now without any problem.

I seriously doubt the "Probably KDE" comment!  I have a Gnome desktop
myself, and AFAICS the two are roughly equal in popularity :-)

The reason I have a script for suspend / resume is to ensure a couple of
things happen:

1) xscreensaver locks my screen on suspend.  For security reasons I
don't want my login session to be resumable if someone steals my laptop
while it is suspended.

2) I want to ensure that 'whereami' runs on resume, so it can
automatically figure out a location and configure everything
appropriately at that point.

3) From time to time there have been issues with suspend / resume and
either alsa or hotplug, and I have found it useful to script around
these issues.

Also, if you got the impression that those scripts are actually run by
hand, you are being naive...


# This is called when the user closes the lid
event=button[ /]lid


# /etc/acpi/events/powerbtn
# This is called when the user presses the power button and calls
# /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh for further processing.

# Optionally you can specify the placeholder %e. It will pass
# through the whole kernel event message to the program you've
# specified.

event=button[ /]power


Which is all only mildly modified from the default stuff installed by
the acpid package.

				Andrew McMillan.

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