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Re: Awakening from suspend-to-mem

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Marcus C. Gottwald wrote:

> Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote (Wed 2005-May-11 23:31:10 +0530):
>> Alexander A. Vlasov wrote:
> ..
>> > laptop can be suspended-to-ram by `echo mem > /sys/power/state' (and
>> > suspending works fine -- led blinks slowly, display shutting down and
>> > so on), but it can't awake from this state. Opening lid or pressing the
>> > power button leads laptop to shutdown, not to resuming to normal state.
> ..
>> Try booting the kernel with the "acpi_sleep=s3_bios" option.
> As far as I can remember, the explanation for the "shutdown
> after resume" phenomenon has been given as being an error in
> some Debian script, see:
>    http://lists.debian.org/debian-laptop/2005/02/msg00213.html
> (Ritesh, it looks like you were involved in that thread. Was the
> information given by Andrew incorrect?)

Yes, the explanation is correct and is clearly mentioned. Disabling the
"poweroff" button event in acpid's config file helped not let the machine
shutdown but the screen still remained blank.
Using the "acpi_sleep=s3_bios" option made resume work perfect

> On this list, the suggestion of using "acpi_sleep=s3_bios"
> usually seems to be given in reply to somebody stating that his
> laptop computer doesn't fully resume but gets stuck somehow.

This option is working for me perfectly. I close my LID and the os suspends
to ram and self resumes once the LID is opened.
> Cheers, Marcus

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