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Re: Network Messed After Resume

On Wednesday 11 May 2005 12:44, Goran Ristic wrote:
> My network runs with DHCP, sarge,, prism54 Card on an i8200 Dell.
> Sometimes, when I resume from RAM, nothing happens. I manually have to
> restart networking. Then I manually have to execute /etc/init.d/networking.
> After that, it runs normally.
> But as I said: only sometimes(?). Syslog says in that cases, where it won't
> work, nothing else then: "localhost dhclient: send_packet: Network is
> down". Not very useful.
What's the lease time you get from DHCP?  Is the lease expiring while you 
suspend, then trying to renew it before the network is reset?  If so, and if 
you have any control of the DHCP server, maybe you can just lengthen the 
least times so it's unlikely to expire while you're suspended.   ifplugd 
might help - so that it issues an IFUP only _after_ knowing the link is 
present (it'll also take the link down deliberately on suspend).

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