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Possible ACPI and AC adaptor problem.

In an update from the unstable repository, my computer picked up a bit
of a glitch that i've had some trouble tracking down.

Every 5 seconds, my computer hangs for a split second.  It is most
annoying because the touchpad doesn't respond and is therefore quite
jumpy.    I can see the glitches clearly, every 5 seconds, in my cpu
and proc monitors via gkrellm.

I think that the problem has to do with ACPI because the problem only
occurs when the laptop is plugged into the AC adaptor.  If I unplug
the computer, after about 10 seconds, the glitches disappear and
everything acts like it should.  When the adaptor is plugged back in,
the problems return.

I've tried booting with pci=noacpi boot flag though and it doesn't
make any difference.  The glitchy behavior remains.

I've also updated the BIOS thinking that this might be the source of
the problem but that didn't help either.

The machine is a sony vaio running a 2.6.11 custom kernel.   The
kernel is the same as I was using before I updated and the glitches
showed up.

does anyone have any ideas that I might try to solve the problem?


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