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Noob Question

Hi my name is mobeen and this is my first post to this forum. I have
installed debian through Gnoppix-Hard Disk install (based on knoppix
but runs gnome). I am running a 2.4 kernel. I have problems with the
following hardware:
1:) My Agere AC97 modem does not detect. (I tried linmodems, and smart
link modem drivers ,which used to work before but now they dont)
2:) I have a Centrino 1.8ghz Laptop and therefore I would like the CPU
throttling, and intels step up technology to work but there I dont
know what to do abt that.
3:) My wifi card is the one from Intel, 2200, a/b/g, and I need drivers for that
4:) My kernel does not have APM support, and thats why I cant even
detect how much time is left on the battery.
4:) Lastly I have an Ati Mobility Radeon card and I wanna use the
accelerated graphics. Even tux racer hangs on vesa.

My Laptop is LG LS50a, its relatively new in the market. 

Mobain Shaikh

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