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thinkpad t42 number lock/number pad problem

I've installed Kanotix 8 (January 2005) with the 2.6.10 kernel and at
least some of the Debian thinkpad packages.  Wireless networking works
smoothly.  Many of the function keys work (pressing the blue Fn key
along with some other key with a blue icon).  The
Scroll-lock/Number-lock key is not one with any blue on it.  Pressing
shift-ScrLk (NumLk) evokes a beep, but not activation of the numberpad.
However, when I plug an Ethernet cable into the jack and bring up eth0
the number lock led flickers and the numberpad keys provide sometimes
numberpad keystrokes and sometimes regular keyboard keystrokes.  This
makes things difficult, to say the least.  As far as I know the e1000
module which gets loaded is the correct one for the Intel 82540 EP (rev
03) LAN card onboard.


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