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Thinkpad 760el

Hi all,
	 I have recently converted from SuSE, because I think they have forgotten the 
'ordinary' user, in their chase for the corporate monies.

I have as a challenge started to install Debian 3 rc1 on the above laptop.  I 
do not have a docking station or a CD  fitted.  So I have taken to installing 
of the 'net'.  I have got the install done and am able to work from the 
command line, but I would like to get an X window running, I have installed 
windowmaker and blackbox.

The main problem I have is that I am unsure/unable to configure the XFree86.  
I tried the xf86config, and managed to get to the end however, on startup I 
get errors.

how do I use debconf, or is there a howto for configuring xf86config.

I use to do the XF86Configurator bit,  but have lost me touch.

Paul Constable  	Linux user: #260570

Since: Apr 1995		Registered @ http://counter.li.org
SuSE user since then..
Debian since last week.

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