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Boot problems with Tecra 8000 and DeskStation V+

I'm having problems booting Debian Sarge (or Knoppix, if that matters)
on a Tecra 8000 when attached to the DeskStation V+.

The system runs fine without the docking station, and earlier kernels (I think 2.2) worked with the docking station, but now the systems hangs in the early boot stages.

linux24.sourceforge.net tells about a similar problem

"Derek Fawcus at Cisco reports similar problems with Toshiba Tecra 8000 attached to the DeskStation V+ docking station. (once again, caused by bridge returning 0 when reading the I/O base/limit and Memory base/limit # registers which confuses the new PCI resource code)."

but according to the list, this problem had been fixed.

Does anybody know about this problem and can tell me what boot flags I could use
to fix it?

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