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Re: partition table numberings

Ritesh Raj Sarraf <rrs@researchut.com> writes:

> This is fabulous. But I don't think it's much feasible in case of a
> notebook and I posted the problem keeping my notebook in mind.  Will
> using LVM on a notebook, which will always have just one singe disk,
> give any benefit ?

Yes, it will.  I've probably expressed it somewhat unclearly.  Even
with one disk you don't need any partitioning (except if you use also
Windows in which case you make partitions for Windows as usual, and
only one partition for Linux LVM).  The one Linux LVM partition
contains all of your logical volumes (LV) which hold file systems,
swap space of whatever else you would put to partitions.  You can
resize, create, and delelte locigal volumes *much* easier than
partitions, without moving, without any renumbering of partition
numers, without rebooting.

On my system it looks like this:

    janus:urs$ df
    Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/vg0/root           126931    107678     12700  90% /
    /dev/sda1                54416      4696     46911  10% /boot
    /dev/vg0/var            507748    400756    106992  79% /var
    /dev/vg0/news          2014611   1804138    210473  90% /var/spool/news
    /dev/vg0/usr           2579707   2166277    282358  89% /usr
    /dev/vg0/local          515940    488020      6949  99% /usr/local
    /dev/vg0/ftp           1031880    753735    278145  74% /usr/local/ftp
    /dev/vg0/opt            253871     50039    193347  21% /opt
    /dev/vg0/home          8254992   7789756    129692  99% /home
    /dev/vg0/galois          63461     31211     28974  52% /tftpboot/galois
    /dev/vg0/tux             63461     18065     42120  31% /tftpboot/tux
    /dev/vg0/tuxbox         126931     66055     54323  55% /tftpboot/tuxbox
    tmpfs                   452936       308    452628   1% /tmp
    /dev/vg0/old             63461     52398      8442  87% /OLD
    janus:urs$ swapon -s
    Filename                        Type            Size    Used    Priority
    /dev/vg0/swap                   partition       262136  3980    -2

/boot is required on sda1, since lilo don't know about LVM.
Everything else is in sda2 which is a LVM physical volume.

This is really useful, even if you have only one disk.

LVM has *additional* advantages when you have multiple disks.  You can
then stripe a file system across several disks for performance, and
have file systems larger than any one of your disks by combining the
space of all disks into one volume group.


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