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Problems with the 2.6.10 kernel, no console fonts display and no ATI IXP150 AC'97 support on a Toshiba A70-SP211

Hi every1, i am having trouble compiling a new 2.6.10 Linux kernel on
my new laptop, it just happens tha everything boots ok, the kernel
messages get displayed and i get access to my X server and start a KDE
session, but when i run a Konsole o try to switch to a regular console
with Ctrl+Alt+F* it wont do, i just dont get any console use of my
system, (which pretty much renders it unusable), any ideas? I include
my .config, maybe i am missing an important VESA module.

Also, i seem to be having the same trouble as some people with the
in-board sound card:


I tried that solution on my 2.4 kernel but it wont budge, i am hoping
to  get the fonts working on the 2.6.10 kernel before sorting out this
less important issue.

Can anyone give me any ideas? Thanks in advance...

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