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Re: [OT] Looking for advice on buying a new laptop

Le lundi 14 mars 2005 à 07:39 -0500, Hugo Santiago Carrer a écrit :
> Hi list:
> So, basically I'm about to buy a used Thinkpad T23 from IBM. I really
> like the little thing, I have used one before and liked the feeling.
> But the questions are,
> Are the Thinkpads really worth the extra buck or is it just the
> brandname? Are they really that linux/debian friendly or they are just
> like any other laptops?

I had a T23 for two years and was really happy with it. No problem that
I can remember... Worked perfectly. As mentionned by someone else, the
later ltmodem drivers were not working with the modem. That's it. All
special key worked fine. The 3D acceleration on (I don't remember which
one) my graphic card worked as well. A real pleasure.

Poor story however:
The battery life after 2 years was a little short (around 1h45) so I
bought a new battery, but the IBM ones were expensive. I bought a "copy"
and still regret it. Now my T23 is in the attic because the whole
electrical system seems broken (I cannot start it, even with the plug).
So you've been warned. I don't think I would have bought an IBM because
they were 4 times the price, but I would have continued using my old
battery and managing to get a plug now and then.

Now I have a AOpen 1557G. I'm quite happy also but it is much much
louder when the fan starts and I still haven't got several things
working, but these are complementary things compared to the T23 I had
(Card Reader, ATI Mobility Acceleration) and the sleep function doesn't
work so well (loosing my network connexions).
I bought it 1200€ VAT Included in Belgium. 3 years warranty I think.
Very nice 1400x1050 screen. The box seems a bit fragile (toy-like) but
it's OK so far.


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