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Re: Help with Raw CD images? (input/output error)

Michelle Konzack wrote:

Am 2005-03-12 19:11:37, schrieb Ognjen Bezanov:
Hey all, this is more of a general linux question.

I have an (audio) CD which want to make a raw image of. Searching google indicates that this command should do it:

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/path/image.img

but everytime i try to use it i get:

dd: reading '/dev/hdc': Input/ouput err
0+0 records in
0+0 records out

Can anyone help me? what could be wrong? I was thinking maybe if I

An Audio-CD is no Data-CD so you can not make RAW-Images.


Hey Thanks All for your help (And the script). I think I havent given enough info regarding what i want to do.

I know I can rip the CD using cdparanoia and do so very often. But rather then ripping individual tracks i wanted to create a 'raw' cd-audio image, with the same CDDB ID/gaps/toc info etc.... as the original.

Essentially i wanted something similar to CUE and ISO files that i have seen windows programs like EAC do (EAC can for example store TOC contents and Gap info in a cue-sheet)

Essentially i want to make a direct audiocd-to-audiocd copy, but with an image in between.

From what i gather dd cannot be used for this purpose. Can I use mkisofs for audio CD's? I have used it for data CD's but have no clue for audio CD's. If this is not possible any other ideas are appreciated.


P.S Debian-user list people please CC me as i am not on the list

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