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Re: possessed cursor on dell latitude 600

Art Edwards wrote:
The cursor on my dell laptop has developed a mind of its own. When I type it moves to either the upper right- or lower left-hand corner of the screen. This behavior appears to be connected to having the cursor joy-stick in the middle of the keyboard. On the windoze side, one can disable this. Is there a similar capability under linux?

Art Edwards

Not saying that this is the problem; but on my dell inspiron 4100, I had something of the same problem and called Dell support. It turns out on the inspiron 4100 line that this is associated with keyboard problems in general. They opened a warranty ticket and installed a new keyboard which significantly lessened the problem for me on Linux. I don't run windows on the dell besides VMware.

On my dell, If I rested my hands on the handrests by the synaptics pad and started typing, the cursor would begin its unassisted journey to the left side of the display without any encouragement from me at all.

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