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Re: vga-out + lcd together

Jason Martens wrote:
Andreas Tille wrote:
|> My Toshiba BIOS gives me the option to boot with the VGA-Out and LCD
|> being mirror. Which works partially, the kernel boot messages are
|> displaying on both screens fine.
|> But when X starts, the LCD screen turns off, VGA-Out is fine. I
|> believe that this is an issue with my XF86Config-4, is there
|> additional hacking that needs to be done ?

Yes, this is probably a XF86Config issue.  What video card do you use?
The multi-head options are different with each video card.  You can try
doing a "man drivername" where drivername is the name of the X11 driver
you are using.  For me, man radeon shows me the dual head options that I
needed to manually add to the X config file.

My bad, it's actually a nvidia chipset. I managed to get in touch with a fellow Toshiba owner, Ulrich Hertlein[1], who also had a nvidia chipset. He spewed out his xorg.conf and I stole the following lines which now does the trick.

     Option "ConnectedMonitor"         "DFP,CRT"
     Option "TwinView"                 "true"
     Option "TwinViewOrientation"      "clone"
     Option "MetaModes"                "1024x768,1024x768"
     Option "SecondMonitorHorizSync"   "31.5-90"
     Option "SecondMonitorVertRefresh" "60"

The secrect I believe is the BIOS option which is lightly documented in any Linux Laptop howto/faq, which is something that Ulrich discovered.

[1] http://www.sandbox.de/toshiba/


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