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Re: HP laptop

On Wednesday 02 March 2005 10:12, Steffen Waldherr wrote:
> Hi,
> > > E.g. if the touchpad doesn't work, search for 'linux "HP
> > > NX-9030" touchpad' or similar.
> >
> > Most likely you will need the synaptics touchpad driver
> > which seems to drive all of the touchpads I have met
> > recently.  It is packaged for Debian.
> my experience is that on the HP/Compaq nc series, the touchpad
> can be used without synaptics. It does not support taps and
> drags, but the buttons work and since I mostly use an external
> mouse, I do not bother installing synaptics.
True, I should have said "for basic support the touchpad will work
out of the box, but for extended functions you will need synaptics
which works with just about all touchpads I have met recently".

> Greetings
> Steffen Waldherr

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