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Re: HP nx9030 installation

On Tuesday 01 March 2005 11:39, Dimitris E. Kiousis wrote:
> *Do I have to make on my own the partition or after inserting CD #1 the
> procedure will be automatic?*

The installer does support resizing existing FAT and NTFS partitions, 
provided that they are 'clean' (i.e. no Windows chkdsk needs to be run).
You can create your linux partitions in the free space thus created.

The above is only valid if you downloaded the new installer for Sarge [1]; 
it does _not_ work with Woody's installation CDs!
I would strongly advice you to use the daily builds of debian-installer or 
to wait for the release of RC3. You should not use RC2 for this.

[1] http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/


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