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Re: Copying Debian to another drive

Be careful!  "dd" only works if the two drives are of the same model
(or, at least, the same size).

I would say "tar" is a better option.  But remember to exclude the
virtual file systems "/proc" and "/sys".

Alternatively, when I do such things, I assemble the new hard drive in
a remote machine, accessible by the network, partition and format it,
and then use "rsync" to copy all the files from source machine to the
remote new disk.

Something close to (please check the rsync man page, I'm reproducing the
command from memory):

#  cd /
#  rsync -aPS -e 'ssh' --exclude 'proc/*' --exclude 'sys/*' \
         . remote_ip:/mount_pint_of_new_disk/"

Remember to **check the rsync man page** and make a few experiments
before trying the whole thing!


On Mon, 2005-02-28 at 15:22 -0800, Sean Perry wrote:
> As for the imaging itself, dd is really simple. Or you could just tar 
> the whole thing up and save it.
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