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ndiswrapper, kernel panics

ok peeps, heres a ponderance....

netgear wg511 v2 pcmcia (G) card
so shiny:)
BUT damn their eyes, v2 is marvell (chinese chipset), not like v1 (atheros) or 
v3 (prism54).

so, ive FINALLY after trials and tribulations got ndiswrapper working (after 
advice from ndiswrapper crew, the latest version of 1.1rc2 prerelease being 
the only candidate that would work with my card).

kernel 2.6.7 hand built the debian way (tm) on sid:)

im still modprobing ndiswrapper by hand.....
i get wlan0 up nicely. all looks great:)

well, all goes fine until i try to put settings in:
iwconfig wlan0 essid <station name> key s:<plain text key>

kernel panic :
lots of stuff thats hard to capture (can if necessary), but ends in:
kernel panic: fatal exception in interrupt
interrupt not syncing

and then thats it, hard reboot......

google is coming up with stuff, but nothing with a solution, just lots of 
'umm, this is happening'.....
there seems to be a suggestion encryption may be the issue....
yet ndiswrapper site indicates success stories...


Romana Branden
Sticks & stones may break my bones, 
but words can break my heart..
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