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Re: ACPI problems on AOpen 1557 laptop - solved

Le vendredi 18 février 2005 à 14:43 +0000, Yannick Warnier a écrit :
> Then I tried starting acpi_listen and pressing the sleep key. And this
> gives me:
> $:/var/www/dokeos-cvs# acpi_listen
> button/sleep SLPB 00000080 00000004
> So apparently the system understands my button-pressing is a call to
> acpid, but nothing happens. I have no idea what goes wrong (obviously,
> acpid does).
> Does somebody know this problem? Or could help?

I got an answer from another list about this, and it seems it's related
to the fact that the Debian package for acpi doesn't give any event
handling for the sleep button "as is".

Then I found this mail (from this list):
which seems to address the question.

Thanks all, sorry for bothering.


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