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usb mouse don't work

I am French fan of Debian so excuse my English.
I am only begining with Linux and Debian but I really want to make everything (or nearly) working.

The command : # cat /dev/input/mice should normally display something when I move my mouse but I don't see anything.
When Linux is booting, I can read those line:

Starting hotplug subsystem : usbmount : fs type usbdevfs not supported by kernel
umount: /proc/bus/usb : not mounted

I suppose that's why my mouse don't work (and I can't also mount any usb key). I have already install hotplug and usbutils. I am using a woody with a 2.6.10 kernel.(but intitialy it was a old 2.2 kernel) on a Asus L5c laptop.
My mouse is a standard microsoft (-sorry-) hdi mouse.
Thank you for any help!!

Jacques Smulevici

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