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Re: Weird keyboard problem on DELL Latitude 600

--- Harald Husemann <bofh@dh9dat.de> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I just installed Debian Sarge latest version on my
> DELL Latitude C600 (german 
> keyboard version). I installed german keyboard
> layout, and choosed GNOME as 
> window-manager (The keyboard layout in GNOME is set
> to de-deadacute).
> So far, everything's fine, except of one thing
> drivin' me nuts:
> In GNOME, the key next to the left "shift" is not
> working, and in text-mode 
> several keys are not working - for example, the
> square brackets.
> Well, the biggest problem is the non-working key in
> GNOME, since this one is 
> for the "lower than" and "greater than" keys, and
> (with ALT-GR) for the 
> pipe-key.
> Hm, usin' Unix without pipes is not so very nice,
> :-)
> Anyone has an idea??
> Thanks in advance,
> Harald
Please check the documentation for xmodmap becuase the
problem that you are having is because the keymap that
you have,

you can start to seeing the current key with the
following command:
#xmodmap -pk |less
with this command you will see exactly how is your
keyboard configured, and also it allows you to change
the key map to fit your requirements.

I hope this help.


Sergio Basurto J.

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