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Weird keyboard problem on DELL Latitude 600

Hi folks,

I just installed Debian Sarge latest version on my DELL Latitude C600 (german 
keyboard version). I installed german keyboard layout, and choosed GNOME as 
window-manager (The keyboard layout in GNOME is set to de-deadacute).
So far, everything's fine, except of one thing drivin' me nuts:
In GNOME, the key next to the left "shift" is not working, and in text-mode 
several keys are not working - for example, the square brackets.
Well, the biggest problem is the non-working key in GNOME, since this one is 
for the "lower than" and "greater than" keys, and (with ALT-GR) for the 
Hm, usin' Unix without pipes is not so very nice, :-)
Anyone has an idea??

Thanks in advance,

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