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Re: Debian GNU/Linux (especially testing release) IBM laptop proposal

OoO Peu avant le début de  l'après-midi du mardi 01 février 2005, vers
13:20, Ali Servet Donmez <wnstox@yahoo.com> disait:

> I know that this is a hard filter to choose from IBM
> series and models, but i have to. As i'm not good to
> analyze chipsets on these machines, i'm asking one or
> more of you guys to do it for me, or instead of doing
> it if you know it already to tell me it's name.

You may look at these urls :

You  will  find   how  to  configure  a  given   laptop  for  a  given
distribution.  Most of  the time,  those  pages say  what hardware  is
supported or not.

IBM Thinkpad are well supported by Linux.
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