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Re: Unknown Exception (mailinglist@devildolls.com)

Thank you for signing up for our mailing list. We gotta warn you-we do throw some really wild parties. Lots of really cool biker babes, rugged, great looking biker boyz, outlaws on the lam, we could go on and on. And if it's a nighttime function (our favorite, just ask GOTHGIRL), well, we tend to want to outdo ourselves. It could be using those buxom Stormy Leather beauties in all their shiny patent leather corsets, could be the threat of some of the Dolls inflicting their particular brand of punishment on some yuppie wearing khaki pants/blue shirt/I wanna work at Kinkos/the GAP is having a sale uniform. Anyway...Now that you are signed up for our Mailing List, we can keep you posted on what the Devil Dolls are up to, what trouble we are getting into, what our bail is set at...oh, never mind! Just come party with us. Cool?? 





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